Age Reduction Moisturizing Cream

Growing older doesn’t have to be a “loss”–dreaded and demoralizing. Growing older can be beautiful– full of life, wisdom, and gorgeous beauty and vital health. It can be embraced. Naturally Elegant is a moisturizer that embraces aging naturally, elegant, proud, and beautiful.  Naturally Elegant is made without anything artificial.  No chemicals. No preservatives. No fillers. Only pure organic, natural, and very powerful ingredients.  With this luxurious cream each drop contains in full measure only ingredients that can benefit your skin.  This is in stark contrast to other creams where only a small percentage is actually beneficial and the rest is preservatives, artificial scents, fillers, etc.  Our cream includes organic aloe vera which will penetrate the deepest levels of your skin. As it travels it takes lanolin — the closest ingredient to human oils known, carrot seed and helychrysum essential oils known for rejuvenating skin and high cell turn over, knotgrass flavonoids and beta glucan– natural extracts from mushroom and herbs that lighten sun damage and repair collagen. All these travel deep with the aloe. Rose water tones and nourishes. Organic almond oil, unrefined/unprocessed coconut oil, and natural beeswax moisturize and condition. Your skin will almost instantly be softer, smoother, more radiant.  Over time, fine lines/wrinkles will soften and fade, age spots lighten, and tone increase.  You will love the reflection in the mirror and the sensuous feel of your skin.  Unlike with other creams, you will have all this without the risk to your health of just a small percentage of “good stuff” and a large amount of unnatural chemicals/preservatives being absorbed by your skin.  Naturally Elegant replenishes, rejuvenates, and brings forth to glowing reality the beauty we already have within. Powerful. Rejuvenating. Confident.   As we are. Naturally.

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